Online Singing Lessons 
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What Can I Expect From Online Singing Lessons?

Live online singing lessons are becoming increasingly popular as technology advances.  You can take live online singing lessons whereverSkype Singing Lessons | Online Singing Lessons you are in the world.  Many people choose online singing lessons as they don’t not have direct access to a singing teacher, are on tour or work away from home or simply prefer to have lessons in the comfort of their own home.
Matt has a great reputation for attaining outstanding results from students via Skype and teaches some big names in the industry.  Some key areas studied throughout lessons include:
  • Expanding vocal register
  • Voice strengthening
  • Bridging between registers
  • Developing middle/mixed voice
  • Stylising
  • Mastering mixed voice
  • Improving and perfecting accurate pitch control
  • Diaphragmatic / breath control
  • Developing and understanding vocal registersfacetime-300x300

Genres range from Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Country, Gospel and more.

Requirements for online singing lessons

All you need for online singing lessons are:
  • Skype / FaceTime / Messenger / WhatsApp
  • A good broadband or 3g / 4g connection,
  • External speakers
  • Your voice

You will be provided with all vocal scales, backing tracks are streamed from YouTube or Spotify etc, any piano accompaniment will be emailed to you during the lesson.

Online Singing Lesson Prices

Lessons are available Monday to Friday (UK time), 10am – 10pm and  Saturday, 10am – 2pm. All live online singing lessons are taught by Matt Thompson

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